Bridges and overpasses are a requirement to travel freely through the country of Louisiana. A Few of the bridges in Louisiana Which Are typical sites of automobile accidents comprise:

Israel LaFleur Bridge at Lake Charles

Horace Wilkinson Bridge at Baton Rouge

Bridge injuries Neblett, Beard, and also Arsenault

Reasons For Bridge and also Overpass Accidents

Along with speeding, tailgating, along with additional driver-related mistakes, possible causes of a bridge or an overpass injury include:

Inadequate design resulting in bridge collapse

Inadequate lighting

Cracked and threatening street surfaces

Malfunctioning signals

Inaccurately recorded heights on indications Because of current repaving impacting bridge clearance

High winds or harsh weather conditions which influence the construction or the vehicles it

Confusion over several lanes merging into a single

Semis or alternative tall Industrial vehicles striking signals in the bridge or overpass

GPS instructions that path truck drivers below low clearance bridges

Determining Liability

Discovering liability for this sort of car incident claim can be challenging. One or more drivers might be in fault, but in addition, it is possible that many companies or government entities are accountable, too. By way of instance, a municipality that fails to resolve a malfunctioning sign or substitute missing warning signals can be held accountable for the harms which result.

The very best method to guard your right to reimbursement would be to employ an experienced personal injury lawyer who will collect evidence, establish accountability, record compensation, and also negotiate on your behalf during the settlement procedure.

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